Every project is unique, our design process is flexible enough to ensure you end up with the best solution. We’ll talk to you early on in the process so we can understand your requirements and those of the target market, we will challenge the details of the brief and then suggest the best approach for your project.



Our design process will start with research and brainstorming, this will form the foundation of our initial concept design work and will enable us to ensure we create ideas that meet the brief, as well as looking to introduce new solutions and directions. We’ll combine our creativity and technical knowledge to ensure that the designs we show you not only look great but also meet your commercial requirements such as tooling and unit costs.

We work using a range of CAD and visualisation software so we can provide everything from fully detailed part data for tooling and production, to photo-realistic product images.



Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. Often many iterations are required before a product is ready to move to production. It’s always better to solve problems and test new ideas during the prototype process before tooling is started or mass production commences.

We combine our in-house resources with those of our suppliers in the UK and overseas. Our well-equipped workshop features three 3D printers, vacuum forming and electronics tools enabling us to test and improve the design of products.

Prototyping solutions vary from suppling single parts through to fully-working small-batch production including electronics, mechanisms or even fabric components.



This is where Product Resolutions Hong Kong takes over the process. We’ve worked with toolmakers and factories in Hong Kong and China for over 20 years building a great network of trusted suppliers.

We manufacture and supply complete assembled products or just tooling and components. We’ll select the best suppliers for the project in terms of expertise, quality and price to ensure we give you the best possible package.

Local knowledge, good communication and control of information is key when manufacturing in the Far East and with our skills we make sure your project runs smoothly.