XIST - Free-roam Virtual Reality System

The XIST technology platform consists of a dedicated SDK (software development kit) and specific hardware that’s custom-built to make free-roam VR easy and reliable.  The hardware has been designed for an optimal user experience. This means ensuring the equipment is as lightweight and comfortable as possible, while enabling a wide range of functionality to deliver an interactive and immersive multiplayer experience. 

We worked closely with the XIST team to help develop all the required hardware/add-ons they needed to get their system up and running. We have worked on multiple iterations of the system, providing design services for a lightweight micro-PC casing, headset-mount brackets, object trackers and calibration markers, as well as designing, sourcing and supplying a custom backpack.


Services Provided

Concept Design

Industrial Design 

Photorealistic Images


Supplier Sourcing

Small Batch Production