At Product Resolutions we combine creativity, innovation and technical knowledge to help you make commercially successful new products.

It’s not just about the way a product looks, we think about how it's used by the consumer, how it can be assembled in the factory and how we can ensure it hits the development budget.

Our approach works with all types of products and companies from entrepreneurs and start-ups through to market leading brands.



Established in 2000, we're a small and highly efficient team based in Norwich, UK. We also have a Hong Kong office for our sister company Product Resolutions Hong Kong Limited. Our mix of skills and experience help ensure each project gets the best chance of success.

When you work with us you'll have the confidence of knowing that the people you meet will actually work on the design of your product. This ensures good communication at all stages, from brief to delivery.



Our first-hand experience of working in China since the early 90’s has proved an invaluable asset. Director Paul Robbins lived there for 7 years working with toolmakers, manufacturers and suppliers in a wide range of product categories.

Through our sister company, Product Resolutions Hong Kong Limited, we are able to co-ordinate the later stages of product development through to manufacture. Using our long-standing network of suppliers in electronics & software design, tool-making and manufacturing to ensure a smooth path to production.